Presentation of the French Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis

The French Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis was formed through the merger of the French Study Group on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (GFHT) and the Medical Coordination for the study and treatment of inherited bleeding disorders (CoMETH) in April 2023. It aims at enhancing the understanding of the congenital and acquired thrombotic and bleeding disorders, as well as improving their prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Our society is dedicated to promoting the latest scientific findings, establishing and spreading recommendations and good clinical practices, and boosting the development of early-career professionals.

The SFTH maintains close links with many French learned societies and organizations, such as the French Society of Haematology (SFH), the French Society of Vascular Medicine, the French Society of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine and the French working group on perioperative haemostasis (GIHP). We are also involved in the continuing education of physicians, researchers and allied health professionals.

SFTH ambition is to promote the acquisition, diffusion and exchange of knowledge and ideas relating to normal and abnormal haemostasis, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, favor the emergence of new themes and stimulate the scientific advances. Thus, it aims to be a front-line player in the field of thrombosis and haemostasis. We are committed to enhance the patients’ management and ensure quality care for all, based on strong evidence and latest developments in haemostasis research.

We invite health professionals, researchers and all the players in the thrombosis and haemostasis field to join the SFTH and contribute to our collective mission. As a member of our society, each person is able to share his knowledge, initiate interesting collaborations, identify the need for new collaborative projects and recommendations, participate actively in innovative research projects and help improve knowledge and practices in the field of thrombosis and haemostasis.

We are very excited to see what the future holds and we are committed to providing resources, educational events and information exchange platforms to support the professional development of all of us. We invite you to visit our web site to find out more about our activities, projects and benefits emerging from the SFTH membership.

We really look forward to working together with you within the SFTH.

Being member of the SFTH means :

  • Belonging to a learned society that brings together physicians, pharmacists, academic hospital and local health professionals and researchers who share the ambition to promote the field of heamostasis.
  • Being engaged in the development and implementation of new recommendations, benchmarks, and standards.
  • Being able to access all the areas of the SFTH web (recommendations, references…).
  • Having the opportunity to apply for various grants.
  • Receiving by e-mail the electronic newsletter of the SFTH.

Chloe James
President of the SFTH