Postdoctoral position in cardiovascular research at Inserm Lille (France)
Inserm UMR 1011 team “Heart disease, flow disturbances and hemostasis, University of Lille, Pasteur Institute of Lille, Lille University Hospital, France
Research project
A post-doctoral position is immediately available in the team headed by Pr Sophie Susen and Pr Eric Van belle in the laboratory of Pr. Bart Staels at Inserm U1011 in Lille, France.
Mechanical circulatory support (MCS) devices have revolutionized the treatment of cardiac and respiratory failure. Due to their efficacy, their use has increased rapidly over the past 10 years, but is plagued by a very high risk of major and life-threatening thrombotic and bleeding complications, in link with blood flow alterations induce by these devices. Previously, the team has developed proof-of-concept studies identifying Von Willebrand factor (VWF) as a marker of blood flow disturbances and bleeding in cases of disturbed blood flow. In this context, the main objectives of the team are to extend our previous research by evaluate the consequences of blood flow alterations on hemostasis actors (proteins, endothelial cells, platelets, monocytes), developing biological tests and combined clinical-biological scores to predict and monitor the risk of thrombotic and bleeding complications in patients receiving MCS or with diseases associated to blood flow alterations such as aortic valve stenosis and progressing in innovative treatments to protect VWF from excessive cleavage. This work is a part of the WillAssistHeart ( and Calypso ( programs.

The applicant should have a PhD degree in molecular and/or cellular biology. She/he will have preferably worked in the field of cardiovascular research. Skills in experimental vascular biology and thrombosis and hemostasis research as well as a strong experience in cellular and molecular biology (DNA/RNA biology, qPCR, WB, IF, ChIP/ATAC-seq) will be considered with priority. Previous experience in bioinformatics and/or animal experimentation will be a plus but is not required. An excellent level in English is required to publish results and present them at international conferences.

Financial support
Type of contract: temporary,
Funding: BPI France, Employer: Inserm U1011
Job status: Full-time
Availability: immediate,
Contract duration: 12 months to 3 years